5000 Jazz Assassins

Brooklyn-Crafted 1920's Riverboat Pop

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TEASER TRACKS from "RIVERBOAT POP" - the debut album of 5000 JAZZ ASSASSINS

by Jono Waldman, Lorenzo Wolff, Alex Harvey

Here are THREE(!) tracks from our upcoming album. 

THEM THERE EYES features Jimbino Vegan Monahan on Clarinet. 

LETS HAVE ANOTHER CIGARETTE features Aaron Weinstein on Violin. 

WHAT'S THE REASON features Tamar Korn on vocal, Gordon Au on Trumpet and Jonathan Skunk Singer on Xylophone. 

GET OUT AND GET UNDER THE MOON features Jon Graboff on pedal steel guitar and David Langlois on washboard. 

LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE features Jimbino Vegan Monahan on Clarinet, Aaron Weinstein on Violin